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DeFi Club is a channel dedicated to exploring the crypto/defi space, as well as the ways in which you might leverage crypto in order to generate passive income.


What Kind of Content Will I Find on the Channel?


  • Coins to Watch - small and mid-cap gems, bluechip, reviews of research tools).

  • Liquidity Pools - focus on low risk pools (1 million TVL Minimum)

  • Low-risk Staking Platforms - focus on reviews of staking programs on major exchanges and other low- risk platforms.

  • Yield Farms - focus on audited farms tied to immutable smart contracts created by trusted teams.

  • NFT Platforms/ ROI Dapps - focus on platforms from trusted teams, preferably with an audit (2% daily maximum as anything more is unsustainable)

  • Crypto Lifestyle - reviews of crypto wallets, portfolio managers, app, etc.

  • YouTube
  • Telegram
  • X
  • Facebook
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